Scorpions of the Earth  (3)

Scorpions of the Earth (3)

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Those who rewrite history, want to repeat it...

Six months ago, Hell broke loose...

Sarah has studied as a demonologist with the Church ever since. Along with her friend Beau and her magical guardian dog Merlin, she trains to put her unique psychic gifts of reading and manipulating energies to good use.

But investigating evil is wearing on everyone, and a trip for Sarah’s friend Lizzy’s wedding provides just the vacation they need. It’s even in the beautiful inn she and Lizzy went to summer camp at when they were little.

She had so many good times at this place. So why are memories straight out of a horror movie popping into her head?

Sarah knows nothing supernatural is going on, she’d see it, she’d remember it, but when guests start disappearing, everyone’s left questioning their reality. What could fool Sarah’s powers, Beau’s faith, and Merlin’s senses?

And what does it want?