Here are the kitties behind Gremlin Publishing.

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The original kitty, of course, being Gremlin.

He was my ex's cat. At first, he was just the cat that came with the bf when I moved in in 2013. He went from being bf's cat to my baby in under a year. I was taking the bar about a week after I moved in (and I had to take it on my birthday too!), and when I was stressed to the max, Gremlin sat on my books, and told me in the oh so subtle way he had that it was time for a break.

He was the cat that made me a cat person. After the breakup, I visited him, because by then I was his human mom, and I missed him so much. He died a few months after the breakup, and took a huge chunk of my heart with him.


It took about 8 months after Grem's death for me to be ready for another cat. And since I'd first fallen in love with a fluffy black cat, that's what I wanted. I found him January 2020, luckily, because the world lost its mind soon after, and he helped me maintain some sanity. He's also partially blind from an infection as a baby.

This is Merlin :) And he's my baby.


I bought my first house (Wahooooo! Followed by a lot of stress) in 2021, and after Merlin was settled in and things weren't quite as crazy, he got a few little brothers, Klaus and Elijah. And yes, I got the names from vampire TV shows. :)

Elijah was my the bright eyed snuggle bug. He loved people and purred whenever you touch him. Klaus had an eye infection that caused kitty cataracts (actual ones, not eyes that look like cataracts when they really aren't like Merlin's eyes). He's pretty skittish, took him a long time to get to where he likes me to pet him.


We lost Elijah when he was about 10 months old. The vet was pretty sure it was FIP. It broke my heart. Klaus took it hard too.


A few months later, a litter of fuzzballs came into our lives to fill the void our Elijah left. A neighbor's dog found them in a storm drain, and they asked for help. I took them in, and caught mama with a live trap. Mama escaped and we ended up bottle feeding the babies about another week before they were fully weened. That was a lot of work, but so worth it. They all grew up healthy, happy little furry terrorists. We found good homes for 5, and kept the murder muffin known as Murphy. She's 1 now, and still is a tiny terror who loves tackling her brothers and playing fetch with her stuffed mouse.

In order from top left: Dresden, Loki, Molly, Murphy, Thor, and Jackal.

The glasses munching Murphy monster.My Viking with his baby girl. (She is such a daddy's girl.)I tried telling her she wasn't in that book. She didn't believe me.

Those are the kitties. To contribute to the feed the kitties fund, and get some great books to read, click here to check out my Book Bundles.