Psychic Spiral (of Death)  SDF 5

Psychic Spiral (of Death) SDF 5

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Karma's a bitch...

Psychic Ariana Ryder's in Alabama for the last push of her daddy's Senate race, and when a college staffer working on his campaign drops dead of a heart attack, it doesn't take a psychic to smell foul play.

Something has messed up fate in Montgomery, setting off a spiral of disaster that will kill thousands and could bring the South to her knees if it isn't stopped.

With Ariana's magic growing, the tension between her, Carvi, and Quil heating to a boil, a friend in the middle of a meltdown, not to mention an assassin after her and only days till the election, investigating this one sure ain't gonna be easy.

And the life of more than one man she loves is on the line.