Psychic Shorts, Evie Jones Shorts, The Gods Defense

Psychic Shorts, Evie Jones Shorts, The Gods Defense

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4 prequel Ariana Ryder short stories in Psychic Shorts.

In Psychics Investigate Zebras, rookie FBI agent Ariana Ryder has to figure out what happened when a body burned in a fire hotter than a crematorium's is dumped in Nashville.

In Psychic Seeks, Ariana's Valentine's date is interrupted when Grant's friend's daughter commits suicide. But with the paranormal, nothin' is what it seems, and a psychic girl's got to watch her back, because there's a demon out there looking for a mate... and Ariana fits his profile.

In Psychic Overboard, Ariana's cruise with girlfriends is crashed by zombies, and all she's got is one brave bartender, a stowaway flying carpet, and her wits to save hundreds of innocents trapped onboard.

In Psychic Masquerade, see what happened when Ariana met Pyro, and how she saved her sweet flying carpet from his abusive former owner, the President of the United States.


In The Magical Adventures of Evie Jones, meet Evie Jones, a witch stumbling into adventures, fighting the rules of her authoritarian government, and bringing the fire to everything from her career to her love life in this 6 short stories compilation.

Evie Jones is a witch and a lawyer, but don’t hold either against her. She is brave, determined, loyal, and absolutely against everything the Council, the totalitarian worldwide witch government, stands for. In the battle between order and chaos, Evie's here to burn them both down, one broken rule and one saved person at a time.

So what do you do when helping your friends runs up against your government’s rules? If you’re Evie Jones, you get real sneaky, real fast.

But even Evie can’t fly under the radar forever. Can she save her friends, witches and humans alike, from evil witches, demons, and worst of all, the Council?


The Gods Defense:

In a world where the gods and magic have returned, enforcing justice just got a lot more hazardous!

Cassandra Berry is a prosecutor with a problem; the Defendant in her latest case is claiming Dionysus made him do it, and if he wins, defendants across the country will be pulling this excuse in every case. In order to get the god to answer a subpoena, she asks Apollo for help.

But divine favors always come with strings attached…