Psychic Noir (The Big Sleep)  SDF 8

Psychic Noir (The Big Sleep) SDF 8

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Ariana gets the band back together for an epic rescue mission into a terrifying, totalitarian version of Nashville in this exciting new installment of the SDF Paranormal Mysteries.

Practically nothing can escape PI psychic Ariana Ryder's sight for long. But one mystery has eluded her for four years. What happened when Grant's soul vanished without a trace?

They discovered a possibility last Fall. Ariana, Carvi, and AB got sucked into a pocket reality. Suddenly, they had whole new universes to search.

Carvi's scientists think they've found the pocket reality Grant's trapped in. Now, Ariana just has to go in and get him out.

Ariana gets the old team back together for a rescue mission into the unknown reality. But can they find Grant, bring back his lost mind, and escape a twisted version of Nashville, before the pocket reality collapses, or worse?