Psychic For Sale (Rent to Own)  SDF 3

Psychic For Sale (Rent to Own) SDF 3

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Don't make deals you can't live through...

Psychic Ariana Ryder owes Carvi, vampire king of Miami, five favors, and he's called in his first marker, so she's in Miami to play security for the first vampire summit on bringing magic and vampires out of the closet.

Ariana isn't looking forward to this weekend. She can hardly keep Carvi off her with her boyfriend Quil around, and Quil has been banned from the summit, meaning she's going to spend the entire time fending off the not so unwanted advances, on top of her actual job of watching out for sabotage and attacks on the summit.

After magic wreaks havoc on the opening party of the summit, Ariana realizes she's in way over her head. Someone's gunning for the summit, Carvi, or both, and Ariana has to figure out who and how to stop them, before the plan is set in motion and a spell with deadly reach far beyond the summit takes hold.