Original Covers Paperback 12 BOOK BUNDLE (Buy 10, get 2 free!)

Original Covers Paperback 12 BOOK BUNDLE (Buy 10, get 2 free!)

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The Collection of Amie Gibbons' 12 Novels in 1 Convenient Bundle.

(Old covers for the series only as supplies last.)


The Psychic Series

"Ariana’s like Buffy with a badge."

Ariana’s a cute, spunky FBI agent who only has the job because she’s psychic, and she’s desperate to prove to her coworkers and herself that she’s more than just a pretty face on a too young psychic when a serial killer strikes.
From finding out vamps aren't the only things that go bump in the night, to learning plain old humans can be as evil as anything else, Ariana starts developing her psychic powers, one adventure at a time.

Over a thousand 5 star reviews for the Psychic Series.

The Scorpions Series

If you love thrilling tales of the demonic, and stories of the ultimate battle against evil for humanity’s soul, then plunge into this pulse pounding, paranormal thriller series.

Sarah Blakely’s back home after college when her life falls apart. With no plan, no direction, and no hope, she could use something to believe in. Especially after her depressed mind starts playing tricks on her.

She’s seeing and hearing things that aren’t there, that can’t be there, no matter what abilities she’s imagined herself having in the past, because demons, ghosts, and the supernatural aren’t real…

But there are more things in Hell and Earth than are dreamt of in her philosophy. They’ll use her depression to break her. Does she have it in her to save herself and her powers from the clutches of Hell?



The Gods Defense: In a world where magic woke up after 5,000 years, even gods have something to fear.